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Advancing Inclusive SDG Data Partnerships



Multi-Level Engagement, SDG Monitoring and Alignment


Good Practice Examples


The main goal of the initiative Advancing Inclusive SDG Data Partnerships is to foster collaboration between key data users and producers based on mutual trust and understanding of their roles. It aims to identify the key success factors for creating data partnerships and to help close SDG data gaps through the increased use of alternative data. The first phase of this initiative took shape in a five-month process bringing together key stakeholders from Canada, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nepal, Palestinian Territories, and the Philippines for a series of international peer exchanges, virtual workshops and coaching sessions.


A lessons learnt report presents the gathered insights on I) identifying data gaps at the national level and mapping alternative data sources, II) identifying and engaging key stakeholders for joint data action on an equal footing, III) understanding non-official data and its role and IV) developing a roadmap to bring data partnerships to life.


The exchange showed that a common driver for the creation of cross sector SDG data partnerships is to ensure no one is left behind in the SDG processes, speaking of the inclusion of marginalised communities. Bringing together official and non-official data sources helps to better understand the local context and identify locally rooted drivers of marginalisation while ensuring that these insights can be reflected and tracked in the national SDG strategy.