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Sustainable Development Governance / City WORKS Toolkit: Localising Global Agendas
City WORKS Toolkit: Localising Global Agendas





Digital Tools, Guidelines and Diagnostics


The digital toolkit City WORKS enables cities to implement global agendas locally by connecting them with local visions and realities. It thus offers clear guidance and supports cities that are willing to kickstart urban transformation in alignment with the SDGs. While the tool can be adjusted to each city with its specific context, it proposes a standard sequence with a step-by-step process guide. The tool encourages decision-makers in cities to define clear localising goals and inspires awareness raising for enhanced civil engagement. Options, priorities, and implementation plans for sustainable urban projects are analysed and identified. The tool offers practices for activating actors and resources, and helps practitioners set up effective monitoring and review mechanisms. Supporting activities are proposed that relate to communication, knowledge management, innovation and advocacy for the localisation process. City WORKS allows cities to link local development plans to global agendas, thus making an important contribution to recover forward.